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#GOPDebate #JonVoyage

There’s a need in me to synthesize what I’ve seen tonight, August 6, 2015: the Republican party had a debate among ten of their seventeen primary candidates, followed immediately by Jon Stewart hosting his last episode of The Daily Show.

It was notable that Stewart did not engage in much comedy about the debate itself. Obviously the show is taped earlier than the debate, so there was an ongoing gag about that. The debate was ripe for ridicule, though, and the viewing audience was, for the first time, made to realize that this man (and his writing staff and correspondents) wasn’t going to be there each night to make sense of it all.

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#CancelColbert, and “I don’t see race”

If you haven’t heard of “#CancelColbert”, find some recap or analysis of it before reading this. (Try Brute Reason‘s.) I’m too impatient and tired of recounting the events at this point and just have some thoughts to express about it.

I’m pretty frustrated with the entire situation. But I’m just now realizing that my frustration is tiered for different groups, and for different reasons. So the best way to describe it all is to list them, from most infuriating to least objectionable.

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