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Windows 10 Steam games not running (October 2015)

When I encounter a problem that doesn’t really have a concrete solution when searching online, it gets frustrating. I still haven’t found a perfect fix for this issue, but I am able to get by for now.

I upgraded to Windows 10 a few months ago and didn’t have many issues. The games I wanted to play worked just fine, as did everything else. Then recently I tried to play Far Cry 3, and it simply wouldn’t run when I double-clicked it from Steam. (More specifically, my Steam avatar would become green-bordered for a few seconds, indicating I was playing a game, then return to blue.)

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RE: Indie Game: The Movie


Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary released in 2012, chronicling the development of Super Meat BoyFez, and Braid and their effects on their creators. It’s a very personal story, focusing primarily on four individuals and the massive swings in their tone, mood, and outlook throughout the development cycle and through release.

I appreciated its ability to create a narrative that felt honest without being contrived. It’s clear for these games in particular that a lot was riding on them, and the pressures to complete them in a timely manner that satisfied everyone were real and weighed heavily. It’s shot, edited, and paced very well to show both interviews and real moments of triumph and despair as they happen.

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