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Assassin’s Creed Unity: Women and Diversity in Gaming

I am attempting to create more informal posts to combat my perfectionism and especially get all the writing I do in comment threads out and more accessible. The conversation is edited substantially, with emphasis and hyperlinks added.

Max Scoville heads up the video game site Destructoid’s YouTube channel now, after his departure from Rev3Games. He posted the following video about how there is a notable female character in Assassin’s Creed Unity. This is especially relevant given the snafu Ubisoft got into when they explained why there weren’t playable women in the co-op multiplayer mode. Max sums it up in the video, but I couldn’t help but get the vibe that he was dismissing the issue completely, rather than acknowledging the importance of the complaint in the grander scheme of the industry.

So I Left a Comment

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Rev3Games: Next Revision

Maybe a year ago I found the YouTube channel Rev3Games, which had some really great content up every week discussing the video game industry, news, trends, and culture. Of particular note was thoughtful critic and interviewer Adam Sessler sharing his opinions and insights.

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