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One More Path to Atheism

About a year ago, some folks from CNN were interviewing and asking around atheist groups for stories and perspectives on life as nonbelievers and our experience. With the airing of “Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers”, which looks to be the end product of this work, and my response to the special after it aired last night, I thought I’d finally post my lengthy email response to their questions.

I had never written this part of my life down to its completion before, so it was really long for a relatively short series of questions. I kept going, though, for my own sake, so I could process through it all and have a recording of that. Now I’m thankful I’m able to share it with others. There are a lot of conversion and deconversion stories out there, some filled with much more pain, suffering, triumph, loss, and acceptance, but mine is quiet, without great strife, and this type of experience should be known, as well. If any part of this story provides someone comfort on their journey to self-discovery, it was worth taking up this space on the internet.

There’ll be some edits to make it fit better in public blog post form.

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Campus Freethinkers Street Preacher Bingo

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The 11th of October is an important day for many progressive groups on campuses, because it is National Coming Out Day! And Georgia Tech’s Pride Alliance made the entire week have a focus on encouraging¬†people of non-heterosexual, transgender, or non-monogamous status to be visible about who they are, and to remind everyone that we are all surrounded by those different from us that deserve respect and equal treatment under the law and in society at large.

It’s a positive message and movement that, of course, attracts opposition.

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