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As Many True Things And As Few False Things As Possible

Matt Dillahunty was joined by Aron Ra on The Atheist Experience on July 20. The last caller had a specific objection to something Matt had said in a debate that he’s also said many times before, enough times that it’s something of his catch-phrase.

The quote in question was the following: “If a person believes as many true things as possible and as few false things as possible, then they will lead a better life.

The gist of the quote is clear and forms an important basis for debate. If agreed upon, it says that believing things, for example, because they feel good or because everyone else does, is not good enough to be a justified reason. It short-circuits those arguments by emphasizing truth. But I’ve always had qualms with my understanding of the quote on the fringes of its meaning, on its broad nature.

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