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Are Millennials Too Sensitive for Comedy? (No)

Pete Ludovice, a professor at Georgia Tech and comedian, and Charlie Bennett, a Georgia Tech librarian, had a conversation on their podcast Consilience about the sensitivity landscape of comedy. I enjoyed Charlie’s excellent questions to Pete as well as Pete sharing his personal experience and assessment of the evolution of comedy throughout the years. It might seem strange to say, but I also very much appreciated the reservation both of them had, as is usual for the podcast. Rare is it that a discussion of political correctness and comedy goes without lambasting young people for their feels or calling them buzzkills!

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“The Ratio” at Georgia Tech is about more than dating

I enjoy being a member of several smaller subreddits that have good communities, even despite the overarching policies I despise about Reddit itself. Particularly I like local subreddits, like /r/gatech and /r/atlanta. In these spaces the physical proximity serves to create a kinder environment, reinforced by positive, productive discussion about tangible locations and events in the area.

Of course that doesn’t mean I agree with everything I see, as is expected when perusing a space where anyone can say just about anything (AKA the internet). A particular post caught my eye yesterday and caused several reactions in me.

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Masculinity is So Fragile Sometimes

On her blog Brute Reason, Miri wrote a fantastic post about an encounter she had with a jerk in Central Park:

“Excuse me miss–”

“No thank you, I’m not interested.”

“Whatever, bitch.”

He started to walk away towards a couple sitting on a bench, but I whipped around like a woman on fire.

“What did you just say to me?”

It’s happened plenty of times, but it still surprises me because it feels so far from where I’ve been. My voice came out clear and strong. I faced him, looked right at him, as the couple on the bench watched on.

“I asked if you’d donate to–”

“No, after that.”

“I said have a nice day.”

“Sure you did.”

The post’s title is “They Lie So Easily”, and she goes on to explain that this small example should be remembered when considering the immediate and stalwart denial of larger violations, like harassment, assault, and rape. It’s also full of beautiful photographs that serve an important purpose in the piece.

Without this post, I wouldn’t have thought twice about something I overheard that same evening…

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Harmful Sexism or Progressive Feminism: Two Paths

As much as we know now, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger killed six people and himself, injuring more, at UC Santa Barbara on 23 May 2014.

Tragic, confusing, and infuriating as this already is, it has generated an outcry about the origins of Rodger’s motivation to commit such an act of violence. He apparently posted a video of his verbal manifesto [6:56] before he acted, referencing his life until this point, the wrongs he feels he has been given, and the revenge he feels he is justified to enact.

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Re: Gone Home

This will be a spoiler-free addressing/review of the game. I plan on writing a much more personal and spoilerific post about this game’s effect on me afterward.

It’s 1995, and you are Katie. You have just returned from your year abroad in Europe to an old mansion that your family moved to after you left. But no one is home, and no one is in sight. Only your curiosity pushes you forward. This is Gone Home.


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