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Georgia’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Here in Georgia, Senate bill 129, or the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”, has been a big topic of conversation. Religious leaders have been showing up at the capitol repeatedly to express their support of a bill they believe will allow them to discriminate based on LGBT* status. Georgia Unites demonstrated today to share the opposite opinion and fight for anti-discrimination.

The bill’s original sponsor, Josh McKoon, says it does no such thing as religious leaders champion and progressives fear, instead pointing to the controversial firing of Atlanta’s fire chief based on a book he wrote, without permission,┬ácontaining homophobic material. Here’s a half-hour long video explaining McKoon’s side, which I┬áskimmed through.

I have a lot of thoughts on “religious freedom” and its need for “restoration”. I think the priority religion has in overriding other laws is already often too high. I feel that nuance in different situations is lost when everything is subsumed by “public square” chatter. Overall, I feel this bill serves to further elevate the privileged and conveniently ignore the marginalized.

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Georgia Republican Party Mailing Hypocrisy

It’s nearing election day in the US, and as the only resident at my address, I’m now subjected to loads of political ads and mailings each week. They’ve all been in favor of conservatives, and perhaps entirely funded by the Georgia Republican Party. Today’s, though, demonstrated so concretely the hypocrisy and misleading nature of political ads that I just had to share.

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