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Stuck in the Same Damn Rut

At the beginning of 2015 I wrote a post (Celebrate Birthdays and Holidays (If You Can)) sharing how hard it sometimes is for me to embrace and enjoy holidays. I described myself at a low point on my birthday a few years back but ended at a moment of triumph after several weeks of travel and positive experiences, after two years in a row of spending New Year’s Eve with important, wonderful people.

I left the parenthetical on that post for an occasion such as this, where I have swerved into the same damn rut I was in before. I’m alone on NYE and feel awful.

It’s more than FOMO. It’s a disappointment in myself that I’m back to square one, that I’m still fighting (and losing) these battles. It’s so frustrating I let a year full of changes and accomplishments go out with a whimper, and not a bang.

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What makes Back to the Future so Beloved?

It’s the late night of October 21, 2015, the day that Marty McFly visits the “future” in Back to the Future Part II. It’s being celebrated and laughed about in all corners of the internet, mixing nostalgia for a beloved trilogy of films with amusement at the inaccuracies of its predictions. I think it’s causing some reflection upon the state of society and technology today compared to our expectations.

No, nothing hovers, but you do have WiFi on your cell phone. I’d say we’re good.

But what makes these films (notably the first two) such touchstones in our culture? Why are they so endlessly memorable and entertaining?

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8 To 5

The following is a short essay I wrote on the prompt of “summer” for Sunday Assembly Atlanta. I read it to everyone this evening!

It’s morning on a hot, Georgia summer day. The moisture of dew on cut, green grass is matched by the humidity in the air. And the sweat on people’s brows. We’re standing still, giving our full attention*, as a man bellows out instructions over loudspeakers before giving us the go.

The sun is at that perfect angle where I can’t lower my hat further without obscuring my vision. I wish we could practice facing the other way, but squinting is my only recourse. I try to remember if I put on sunscreen while I got ready; my reddening skin by the evening will inform me of my carelessness.

I’m quickly moving with and between two people now, in a line, as one often is in this sort of activity. That line might not always be straight, but hopefully that’s by design: made to be a part of a cohesive whole, driving down the field with greater purpose. We’re brothers and sisters in arms, fighting with precision against the tyrannical forces of disorder.

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April’s Top 10 Podcast Episodes

A lot of my podcast listening in April was on the road or while playing games. It’s funny that I’m already associating the video game The Talos Principle with the podcast Wham Bam Pow because of how much those overlapped!

At the beginning of this month I also failed to but ultimately succeeded in installing a new stereo in my car! My old car cassette adapter system for playing podcasts through my iPod would always overheat in these coming hot spring and summer months. Now I don’t have to worry at all with a direct aux cable! Year after year of frustration about this has finally come to an end.

I’m happy to present to you my top list of podcasts for April of 2015:

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