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Are Millennials Too Sensitive for Comedy? (No)

Pete Ludovice, a professor at Georgia Tech and comedian, and Charlie Bennett, a Georgia Tech librarian, had a conversation on their podcast Consilience about the sensitivity landscape of comedy. I enjoyed Charlie’s excellent questions to Pete as well as Pete sharing his personal experience and assessment of the evolution of comedy throughout the years. It might seem strange to say, but I also very much appreciated the reservation both of them had, as is usual for the podcast. Rare is it that a discussion of political correctness and comedy goes without lambasting young people for their feels or calling them buzzkills!

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From Twitter Handles to Life Philosophy

I’m exploring new Twitter handles and perhaps a new kind of username going forward. Boss1000 has been my standard for years and years, through gamingforums, and online chat. In recent months and years, though, I’ve been shedding these things I used to identify so strongly with. I’ve started rejoining the fluid world of humanity again, instead of trying to be a constant in a sea of variables. Plus, “Boss1000” has gotten a little stale.

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Arduino Esplora TFT Screen Horizontal Bars Fix

I’ve been through a bit of an ordeal trying to get the hardware, software, and motivation together to enjoy programming my Arduino Esplora. And I wish to share and help shortcut one major struggle, with explanation. But for those that just want to get rolling…

TL;DR: If your Arduino Esplora TFT Screen has black or white horizontal “bars” (pictured) and doesn’t display examples properly, you may be using Arduino library 1.05. You need to update to a more recent version.

(At the time of writing, 7 April 2014, the most recent version is 1.5.6-r2.)

Arduino Esplora TFT Screen

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