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Re: The #CNNAtheist Special

CNN aired a special all about atheism this evening, titled “Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers“.(1)Teaser linked for now This is surely the end product of activity last year when some reporters were asking around the atheist circles. They recorded a Georgia Tech Campus Freethinkers meeting and one of Atlanta’s Sunday Assemblies, both of which I was present for, and I sent them a long email about my journey to nonbelief. None of that is featured in the special, but it’s nice to see the project I saw in the works finally completed.

This airing seems to coincide with another feature of nonbelief for CNN. Just the other day they published a lengthy article called “The Friendly Atheists Next Door” highlighting a delightful, happy family that manages to also be nonreligious. To people in the atheism community for a while, this may seem mundane, but for the millions who believe we apostates to be evil, Harry Shaughnessy stands in stark, cheery contrast.

The special tonight moved between many different members of the larger atheism movement: Dawkins, Silverman, Dewitt, and some younger faces. There’s a lot within the community, and there are some differing opinions on the show’s quality. I’ll offer my opinions on the good and bad points.

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Interview with a Super Mario 64 Expert

Super Mario 64 is a 1996 Nintendo 64 classic that introduced to a wide audience the possibilities of the 3-dimensional platformer. It preceded and laid groundwork for Super Mario Sunshine and the Galaxy games. It was also one of the most important games of my childhood: I played it for hours, beat it multiple times, marveled at its depth and complexity, and messed with it with a Gameshark.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that about a month ago I took time to read Kotaku and AV Club articles on a recent development about the game. Frankly, though, it should attract attention that this game has any news at all, even without my rampant nostalgia factor. When was the last time anything exciting came out of Wave Race 64? C’mon!

The news? Scott Buchanan, or “pannenkoek2012” on YouTube, was accomplishing major feats within Super Mario 64 that had gone unresolved for years. Notably he had obtained the “impossible coin” through tool-assisted gameplay and significant experimentation. More recently he discovered a “mystery Goomba” and tested different methods to stomp it.

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Harmful Sexism or Progressive Feminism: Two Paths

As much as we know now, 22-year-old Elliot Rodger killed six people and himself, injuring more, at UC Santa Barbara on 23 May 2014.

Tragic, confusing, and infuriating as this already is, it has generated an outcry about the origins of Rodger’s motivation to commit such an act of violence. He apparently posted a video of his verbal manifesto [6:56] before he acted, referencing his life until this point, the wrongs he feels he has been given, and the revenge he feels he is justified to enact.

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28 January 2014, 3PM on Collier

Snowpocalypse: 28 January 2014

Traffic is never, ever this bad. A combination of unpreparedness, bad timing, worse conditions than predicted, and novice drivers created a horrible situation for thousands of people in and around Atlanta this week. This is something of a personal post, as I was struck by many conflicting emotions throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, the duration of snowpocalypse in Atlanta and a large radius around it. The thoughts came and went as the hours passed, so I find the best way to understand them is to walk through the snowy chaos of this week.

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