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# Views, % Integrity


The “# impressions” or “# views” meters next to tweets or Facebook posts can be a little intoxicating. It’s easy to get caught up in chasing that value, making it rise. It’s always right there, if you manage a Facebook page or use tools like Hootsuite. As if it’s all that matters in our digital world based on eyeball glances.

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Reddit and the False Ideal of Online “Free Speech”

Reddit was ground zero for a significant portion of the proliferation of the stolen celebrity photos that occurred last week. I didn’t follow the events as they happened, but they caused a lot of internal strife within the Reddit community. Save a few select subreddits I am much more withdrawn from the website than I was a year ago, and for good reason.

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Why I Cancelled My Pre-order for #NEWSFAIL

This isn’t a hit-piece on Citizen Radio or the people behind it. This is a post mostly for myself to collect my thoughts on what transpired on Twitter this afternoon.

Allison Kilkenny and Jamie Kilstein are the couple behind Citizen Radio, a weekdaily podcast dedicated to sharing, commenting on, and ranting about social justice issues. I don’t listen to it regularly, though I have heard several episodes and understand the vibe and tone of the show. I follow both of the hosts because they are important figures in the world of social justice in the United States.

The two also wrote a book that’s coming out in October called NEWSFAIL. I pre-ordered this because my girlfriend did so then we could have a similar experience reading it. I also pre-ordered because it’s a way of supporting independent, progressive media, even if it’s not totally my style.

Unfortunately our exchange on Twitter and their treatment of me today has severely hurt my appreciation of them, so I canceled the pre-order. I’m interested in being as fair as possible in my explanations and retelling. I’m not even sure if at the end I’ll still be on my own side.

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The Golden Nugget of Spam

I’ve been helping Atlanta’s Sunday Assembly with their WordPress site, and I noticed a particular piece of comment spam on there that was just fascinating to see. It confirms everything you’ve thought about the pointless, generic junk that gets caught in filters.

I haven’t even read the whole thing. There’s nothing for you at the bottom. But have a look…

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Arduino Esplora TFT Screen Horizontal Bars Fix

I’ve been through a bit of an ordeal trying to get the hardware, software, and motivation together to enjoy programming my Arduino Esplora. And I wish to share and help shortcut one major struggle, with explanation. But for those that just want to get rolling…

TL;DR: If your Arduino Esplora TFT Screen has black or white horizontal “bars” (pictured) and doesn’t display examples properly, you may be using Arduino library 1.05. You need to update to a more recent version.

(At the time of writing, 7 April 2014, the most recent version is 1.5.6-r2.)

Arduino Esplora TFT Screen

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