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Destin Podcast Playlist – 24-27 August

I don’t know exactly why I want to do this, but it feels simple enough to try and might be nice to look back on with time. Today I took a 5-hour drive from Atlanta to Destin, Florida for work. On the way down I-85 and various state and US roads, I was listening to a playlist of podcast episodes I put together before starting off. Here’s what it was, if you’d like to imagine my journey…

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Retrospective Analysis of my Car Breakdown

When I make it through something dangerous or unexpected, I find that I often look back on it some time later to understand just how risky the situation was. This post involves me trying to work through that and come to some conclusion on how close to disaster I came to. It goes over specific details to get out all the relevant information.

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28 January 2014, 3PM on Collier

Snowpocalypse: 28 January 2014

Traffic is never, ever this bad. A combination of unpreparedness, bad timing, worse conditions than predicted, and novice drivers created a horrible situation for thousands of people in and around Atlanta this week. This is something of a personal post, as I was struck by many conflicting emotions throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, the duration of snowpocalypse in Atlanta and a large radius around it. The thoughts came and went as the hours passed, so I find the best way to understand them is to walk through the snowy chaos of this week.

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