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December’s Top 10 Podcast Episodes

It’s the end of 2015, and I’ve got one more list of podcast episodes for you. If you find these posts useful or interesting, let me know!

Here’s the list:

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Stuck in the Same Damn Rut

At the beginning of 2015 I wrote a post (Celebrate Birthdays and Holidays (If You Can)) sharing how hard it sometimes is for me to embrace and enjoy holidays. I described myself at a low point on my birthday a few years back but ended at a moment of triumph after several weeks of travel and positive experiences, after two years in a row of spending New Year’s Eve with important, wonderful people.

I left the parenthetical on that post for an occasion such as this, where I have swerved into the same damn rut I was in before. I’m alone on NYE and feel awful.

It’s more than FOMO. It’s a disappointment in myself that I’m back to square one, that I’m still fighting (and losing) these battles. It’s so frustrating I let a year full of changes and accomplishments go out with a whimper, and not a bang.

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The Force Awakens Review

This post on the new Star Wars film contains spoilers.

I wonder at what point J. J. Abrams first felt The Force Awakens coming together. Through a multi-year-long process that involves intense planning, cooperation, vision, and compromise, it surely is an extremely stressful endeavor. Abrams himself was reluctant to take on the mantle of restoring The Most Beloved Franchise.

That’s what’s in my mind when I think about this new Star Wars. Everything worked, and that’s amazing. Not only as a single film itself; not only with the context of episodes I, II, and III; not only as beholden to the glory of IV, V, and VI; but as something that must capture everyone across gender, race, age, and more, for the newcomers and old fans alike.

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October’s Top 10 Podcast Episodes

October was a fun month full of great podcasts, whether they were #2spoopy or not. I’m a little late in finishing up this list, but I’m happy to share what caught my ear over the last few weeks. I have my favorite shows, so this is hardly a comprehensive list of what’s out there. Consider it a filtered list for people who have similar taste to mine (whatever that is!). If you know fantastic shows or episodes that I’m missing out on, please share them below or on social media!

The featured image is a still from the Friday the 13th video game that personality/games critic turned consultant Adam Sessler was promoting in October. He appeared on (and I listened to) more episodes than the ones that made this top list, and it fit the theme! Go support the game if it interests you!

Without further ago, here’s the list:

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