Howdy! I’m Ross Llewallyn, and Enduring Beta is my website. Use your imagination as to what it means (or just read this)! You can find me in these digital locations:

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There’s not a lot here yet, and there’s a lot I want to flesh out better. Here’s a list of what’s to come!

  • Blog posts going forward about philosophy, secularism, atheism, feminism, video games, and personal experiences. I’m hoping to make it all more accessible than my previous writings.
  • Add previous posts, appropriately dated and organized, that are worth including and referencing.
  • Collect and describe coding projects and work for people to use or peruse.
  • Collect art projects that aren’t too terrible to be shown.
  • Include my resume and other employment-related materials
  • Link to other sites and resources and entertainment I enjoy, because people want to know my tastes.
  • Toss in other cool things I do online and offline!

My interests include video games, secularism, progressivism, and a myriad of other geeky topics.