# Views, % Integrity


The “# impressions” or “# views” meters next to tweets or Facebook posts can be a little intoxicating. It’s easy to get caught up in chasing that value, making it rise. It’s always right there, if you manage a Facebook page or use tools like Hootsuite. As if it’s all that matters in our digital world based on eyeball glances.

Perhaps a “% integrity” bar would help balance it out. Purely hypothetical and impossible to measure, obviously. But even a randomly-generated value would at least make me pause and realize that views don’t equal happiness or success. Which I know is trite at this point. But when so much is measured and presented based on those values alone, the design is misleading.

These metrics are to Twitter and Facebook’s benefit, not necessarily yours. Their users finding those metrics important is precisely how they stay afloat.

Now I know how to maximize views, but that doesn’t fall within my parameters. Anyone can observe really popular pages, accounts, and sites and see what they do. Often it’s a lot of work! But it’s also frequently gimmicky and not what I’m about. So a reminder that there are other ways to measure value could be quite useful, if silly.

Also, I know that this talk may sound self-congratulatory since very people see my stuff. Don’t worry; I’m self-aware.

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