What Would Be Your First Sentence?

I came across this image on Facebook this evening. The framing of this scenario tees it up for a understatement joke, like a wholly pitiful expletive, but I ended up taking the question very seriously, pondering the speech that a person might give at this sight, at this realization. Here’s what I came up with:

We may very well be the last humans alive. Our species may be finished like so many others on that precious blue marble. But how fitting that the last of us spend our final moments on the frontier of progress in science. That humanity’s purpose, if we had one, of the pursuit of knowledge allowed for this both literal and figurative perspective. We send this message over radio waves into the blackness of space, our voices slowly fading into the aether of cacophonous silence. We were here.

What would you say?

One thought on “What Would Be Your First Sentence?

  1. Daniel Bryant

    I think I would have started with an expletive. My white astronaut pants might also turn brown and yellow after seeing this. If I were in that situation, I would probably find a way to make a lasting impression for a future alien civilization that might discover this moon and also end my suffering before it gets worse.

    I wonder… would the moon become a rogue “planet” once it looses the earth as a gravitational anchor? Will it shoot out into space or fall into the sun? Just curious.


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