Georgia Republican Party Mailing Hypocrisy

It’s nearing election day in the US, and as the only resident at my address, I’m now subjected to loads of political ads and mailings each week. They’ve all been in favor of conservatives, and perhaps entirely funded by the Georgia Republican Party. Today’s, though, demonstrated so concretely the hypocrisy and misleading nature of political ads that I just had to share.

Here’s a section from the front supporting David Perdue (R) and calling out out Michelle Nunn (D). I was primarily drawn to the last one, which uses the Politifact Truth-O-Meter to rate the statement “Mostly False”. It’s true, Politifact did rate it that way.

GOP_GA_FrontNow, though, the GA GOP has set a precedent. If they’re willing to use the Truth-O-Meter, they better expect to be hit with it when they run afoul. This is on the inside of the mailing…


The last section, on immigration, says that “Michelle Nunn supports amnesty for illegal immigrants”, which I specifically remembered reading about on Politifact. Naturally, this claim is rated precisely the same as the claim on the front the GA GOP is criticizing: Mostly False.

Let’s be clear: the GA GOP is aware of and will use Politifact when it makes their opponents look bad, but it will not self-reflect or correct when it makes statements of equivalent inaccuracy.

I’m not surprised or astounded by this finding. It’s not news that campaign ads are horribly slanted to the point of self-parody. Stewart and Colbert make their livings off of election years. This instance, however, is indefensible. I see no room to wring out a justification for this hypocrisy, for this willful and knowing misleading of the Georgia voter.

If you’re going to use Politifact, GA GOP, you can’t cherry pick. Do you value their judgment enough to use them to hit opponents in political ads? Then don’t repeat Mostly False information information yourselves. I don’t respect organizations that value sensationalism above fact.

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