My Coke Rewards – “Powerade Energy Band”

I’m bothered by the fact that My Coke Rewards, which I use regularly, has a product as a reward that is misleading and promotes pseudoscience.


Keep your energy up. Be better on the go. Stay on top of your game.

You always replenish your body after a workout or during intense activities with POWERADE®, and now you can work towards your best throughout the entire day. With the POWERADE Energy Band, you’re putting effort into keeping your day going strong. Add a little extra balance and energy to everything you do by adding a little extra to your wrist. See the benefits for yourself and get your day going strong.

I tweeted and wrote a Facebook post on their page about this, below:

This reward uses all the same language of “energy” and “balance” that the fad sports bands have been for years. Yet none of them offer anything real beyond the placebo effect. There is no science to back up the claims, and the companies that make them con people out of money. They are -lying-.

The description on My Coke Rewards seems almost perfectly vague and noncommittal, making no hard claims about what it does. But it still evokes the same ethos of the more explicit brands it is copying. Anyone who sees that image and name knows exactly what it’s trying to be.

It is perpetuating a wasteful, harmful, anti-science trend, and I sincerely want an answer for why this item is available. And why it shouldn’t be completely removed.

I’m pretty new to taking my objections to the source. Hopefully this is the right path. If you feel this is wrong, voice your opinion, too. That’s the only way things change.

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