Quantum Jumping, or Bullshit Overload

I stumbled upon the website Quantum Jumping from an ad for wooey pseudoscience that just seemed… too out there. But oh how I underestimate scammers! I was struck by the techniques used to trick readers into buying into the product and story, and then felt like tearing down some of the nonsense I was reading. Come join me for a hearty laugh, a face palm, and a clenched fist.

Here’s an opening quote from the site to get an idea of what they’re saying:

I would like to share with you a technique that has completely changed who I am. It has brought me everything I could have ever asked for in life – success, talent, wealth, wellbeing, happiness – you name it.

It stems from the aforementioned idea of ‘another you’ living in ‘another reality’. Whether or not this is possible will be debated for some time, and the answer may never be known, but it creates the mindset of what’s called…

The Most Advanced Creative Visualization Technique Ever Created

Now just imagine for a moment you could find a way to ‘jump’ into these alternate universes. That you could meet an infinite number of alternate versions of ‘you’…
Imagine that you could examine their ways and learn their methods, draw upon their skills, experience and wisdom, find out how they become so happy, talented or successful.

Emphasis mine. This is a hallmark of pseudoscience to rope people in with a sensational claim like the title “Quantum Jumping” and buttress against criticism with a nod to the fact that it’s “still debated”. Or, in other words, “We’ll sell you on the idea without regard for if it’s real at all.” Legitimate self-help techniques and medicine should wait for the justification through evidence before making claims like this site does!

Burt Goldman says he developed the skills of painting, photography, writing, and business through, effectively, simply visualizing himself with those skills over time. I won’t deny that this mental technique might help with motivation, perseverance, clarity, and focus. But if you don’t have the skills to paint in your head and hands already, they’re not going to be revealed to you just by meditating. There are limits that the tone and language of this site refuse to address.

What’s further agonizing about this site is the dancing they do around whether or not they claim to Actually Contact Other Universes. For example:

[A]t its core, Quantum Jumping is simply an advanced visualization exercise. You’re tapping into your subconscious mind, where are infinite number of realities and possibilities are waiting to be discovered. Anything that can be, is.

“If a universe can be imagined, it exists.” Professor M. R. Franks

“There are vibrations of many different universes right here, right now. We’re just not in tune with them. There are probably other parallel universes in our living room–this is modern physics. This is the modern interpretation of quantum theory, that many worlds represents reality.” Dr. Michio Kaku

They tap Michio Kaku, Einstein, Planck, and more for fake science credibility. The site has moments of near-honesty, but they are sandwiched by the same vague language that can be interpreted in different ways and hollow appeals to unrelated experts and testimony:

Now I hate having to burst anyone’s bubble of having adventures through space – and Quantum Jumping was made to be an out of this world experience – but no, you wont actually leave this planet.

But what does one make of the first block? Are they claiming it or not? The real answer, of course, it that they are being intentionally vague to let the reader come to the most charitable conclusion. They are mentioning science related only in “theme” to give the quick reader, the casual glancer, the illusion of a much deeper justification that simply isn’t there. It’s no coincidence that quantum physics is the single most abused science in this regard. If they were actually adhering to rigorous scientific backing, there would be no question as to their claim. They would be absolutely clear. A few measly sentences of concession in the second quote weigh nothing on a page a mile long and laden with bunk.

Just about everyone will be that “casual glancer” I mentioned, too, because while the website has polish (thanks to an endorsement by an online publishing company), they just couldn’t shy away from the classic Waaay Too Long For A Single Page technique, where I found this quote:

Quantum Jumping, uses unique guided imagery, deep meditation and years of study to train you to tap into the power of advanced dimensions of your mind – to accomplish things you once thought impossible. (Over 63,000 students can’t be wrong)

Again, consider the use of the words and phrases “tap into the power”, “advanced dimensions”, and “impossible”. A more realistic person could see those as just poetic language. But what the authors are preying upon is a charitable science fiction-y imagination. Which they foster all along the way.

Any by the way? Yes. 63,000 people can be wrong. Especially when all you have at play is wishful thinking, pseudoscience, and confirmation bias. At least maybe they’ll get a benefit from meditation, but that of course does not excuse the other bullshit and the $147 lowest price tag.

Let’s look at three more hallmarks of pseudoscience present on the site:


First, the cure-all! Real techniques and medicine have limitations, a defined purpose. But when you’re making shit up, why stop there? Quantum Jumping can do… anything! Learn German, break 200 in bowling, find money, all without leaving your seat! The appeal is infinite, and its likelihood of being true the inverse. And, unfortunately, the potential to cause harm also rises with such broad “applications”.

Second, the association with other woo. Goldman shares his life story, mentioning “mystics”, “Qi energy”, the “metaphysical world”, acupuncture, and these “techniques”:

I went on to study the ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui, I became a Psychic, and I mastered NLP.

(NLP, which I had to look up, has this lovely line on the Wikipedia page: “[Neuro-linguistic programming] is cited as an example of pseudoscience when teaching scientific literacy at the professional and university level.” I wonder if I can thank the Guerrilla Skeptics for that!)

It’s almost never an isolated case with pseudoscience. Once the barriers of evidence, logic, and reason are lowered, the floodgates open for all sorts of nonsense. People get awash easily in how appealing these “secret” techniques and methods are if they aren’t taught the critical thinking skills to point out their flaws.

Finally, while they least they admit this:

The generally expected performance of Quantum Jumping in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.

It’s… in small text. Near the bottom. With bland color. Quiet.

And following it, and surrounding the whole site, is the third hallmark: tons of wonderful testimonials from people making amazing claims about the efficacy of this product and how it greatly helped them. Some wooey highlights:

I really enjoyed the quantum jumping program and it really cleared many questions to me.
Since I was a child I used to see visions of future events which could not explained neither understand it.

I have purchased the system and my life is changing before me. Health is better. My positive thinking is back with a feeling of joy. Thanks Burt. I’m making a lot of new friends and they are all me. Me, in different realities.

The Quantum Jumping website is tacitly endorsing these people’s claims by using them as primary examples of amazing responses to their product. If they cared about what were true, if they wished to be honest in the slightest, they would run a peer-reviewed study. They would analyze their testimonials with more scrutiny. They would not rely and focus upon so heavily such easily manipulated, manufactured, and faked claims. (Remember, the plural of anecdote is not data.)

And overall, if they cared about their users, they would not be a scam website, selling CDs and a workbook for nearly $200 under the veil of science it purports to be justified by, exploiting people’s naivete and trust.

22 thoughts on “Quantum Jumping, or Bullshit Overload

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  2. Sam

    I don’t believe there are parallel universes, but I successfully use the technique because the concept is a great metaphor.

    1. Ross Post author

      That’s great, and I agree! The idea of envisioning yourself as you wish to be can help motivate and focus your energy. This site, however, doesn’t just tip-toe along the line between “motivation technique” and “bogus pseudoscience”. It dances all around it. That’s my big problem.

      1. Ross DaBoss

        What if I told you I stumbled across your article after someone told me about this and asked if I was the author? Wouldn’t be shocking would it but here I am reading your article and I have only met a few Ross’s in my day and now I am reading your article about not meeting yourself yet. LOL maybe I am here because you wasa talking about meeting yourself. LMAO

        While I agree with you for the most part, I do believe in LOA and it has helped to reshape my life… Although slow at first it snowballed into to fast to control. I went from a nobody to a superstar eliquid maker. I backed out of the limelight because it was not what i really wanted. Be careful what you wish for is all i can say! LOL

        By all means email me and chat if you want… not necessarily about anything in general, I am just curious to see if there are any similarities between us! 😉

        FYI I received a letter from “The Secret Society” after moving to TN and had not put in a change of address and told no one where I was. I was mystified of its arrival, but read it and it said same bs essentially. I sent off for the “free” book, and it came with in a few weeks. It was a small pamphlet and read about the same.

        Visualize, ask, thank, repeat…

        Well it did not have the whole process involved and was a bunch of testimony and promises of help to get on the correct “vibration”. Also was a request for 250 dollars to cover the cost of a leather bound edition of their “book” with my family name on the cover. Sounded neat but I needed google and fast! 😉
        Being on a mountain in a new area and not even having internet I drove to the public library where I found mixed reviews and everyone being very cryptic in response in articles and forums. I started googling “the secret” because it was mentioned in the pamphlet.

        Low and behold a book appeared on the search… “The Secret”

        Now as I am typing this I know that no one will believe me, but the book was in stock in the public library. Now this was a small rural library to a touristy area that I moved to and was not a large library. I checked it out and read it, and decided coincidence or not I was gonna give it a try.

        My life got terrible… Me and my wife separated, moved back home and such to be close to family for support but thought to “stay positive” and visualize what I wanted. 😉
        This was 4 years ago, my wife and me are back together and much happier. I wanted to go to school and wound up a partner in a business and in college in about a year. Walked right into the job too, you wouldn’t believe the story if I told you (I had been a stay at home dad for three years and was not looking for employment). Either way, my partner got sick and we had too close up shop, so I decided to do something else. I just stayed positive and did not focus on what. I have never went without anything since… I am still in school even though I have had several opportunities to quit and start a serious career. I am just staying on this path until I find something to do that makes me happy.

        Normally I would not share this much but seeing my name on this article is mind blowing!! Are you the me that also would not pay out, but did not make it to the library?
        I am hoping something will be similar to trigger a response.

        I am not one to normally believe this kind of crap either… Was too creepy to not be worth looking into.


        1. Ross Post author

          I appreciate you sharing your story, but the fact of the matter here is that you’ve just found some coincidences that don’t really add up to much. Our first names are the same. Cool. Not much more going on than that.

          I don’t care much at all about this topic, frankly. I wrote a post calling out the BS, and people just continue to see it and read it.

          Just because you started visualizing things doesn’t mean that all subsequent changes in your life were influenced by it. I wouldn’t doubt that it could have a benefit of focusing your mind on goals you want to achieve, but there’s no chance it’s influencing cosmic variables to move things in your favor. That’s simply an absurd claim that both this quantum jumping guy and The Secret try to espouse.

          You can see what I’m like for yourself by looking me up on Twitter if you really want to.

          Thanks for reading.

          Edit: “I am hoping something will be similar to trigger a response.”

          You’re aware that this is how psychics trick people, right? You shared your whole story hoping I’d latch on to one single thing, which would somehow prove we’re connected. No, sorry. Everyone has similarities. If we sat down and objectively evaluated our lives, I’m sure we’d find more differences than similarities. Even if that weren’t the case, there’s nowhere to go once we’d found we’re similar. None of the claims of quantum jumping or The Secret are proven to any satisfactory degree, and much of them simply cannot be falsified, which makes their claims useless and not worth believing.

    2. Jotte

      I believe that there are parallell universes but not that you can tap into them like they mention in the text

      I have to agree though that it sounds like the concept is a great metaphor just as you said

  3. Stephen Demeter

    Agreed. Any why wouldn’t you give it away for free to make yourself and the world a better place. It’s one of many visualization techniques slickly disguised as something to be bought.

  4. Cowy

    Sigh… why is the world filled with so much bullshit? I mean I’m all down for bullshitting if most everyone is doing it. But seriously, trust no one? I suppose it’s so: trust no one.

    1. docwill

      Money and power dude. And it’s rife in the so-called “scientific” world as well. At least sometimes they called on it…

    2. Brian Standly

      Cowy, I’m sorry you feel the world is full of bullshit. Everyone must, at some point, realize we only see the world as we ourselves project. We, each of us, create the world we live in. The image of that world is a mirror of ourselves. It is true, you will never trust anyone if you can’t trust yourself. By your choices, you create where you are. The only finger pointing you can do, is at yourself. Take responsibility for yourself and you will realize what I’m saying is true.

      1. Truth Teller

        I actually disagree with the overall sentiments of your post. There are many “unseen forces” in this world that are eroding the common person thanks to the elitist types and their tyranny. While I do believe it is important to have a positive outlook on things, it is also important to have realistic attitudes regarding certain events. I would urge anyone who reads this to do their own research on what I am referring to – and if you do not know what I am referring to I would politely engage in discourse so that a logical conclusion regarding these truths I am hinting at can be accomplished. Thank you and I apologize for the (slight?) vagueness.

        1. tryer69

          No need for an apology. I will put my cards on the table. I am an ex self help addict investigating the fraudulent claims of manifestation mania that has been sweeping the world for years.

  5. Ruth

    People like you do not have a clue about Burt G. or what he does. What will you be doing at 83? Doubt if you will ever accomplish what he has accomplished. Google his accomplishments over the years and then think again. Google: ‘ how we can be adamantly against something we know nothing about’. Based on research and the power of the belief system. Beliefs rule even though we think we have it all down logically. Ruth Stieglitz Hooley, Ph.D.

  6. tiffany

    All l can say is they are things in this world that can be stranger than fiction. Just because its not possible yet does not mean its impossible they laughed when the wright brothers tried to make a plane now who is lol. Who knows what the future will hold.

    1. Ross Post author

      It would be right to laugh at someone who is claiming to do something that as you seem to admit is impossible at this time.

      The Wright brothers never said, “We can fly Right Now” before they actually went to Kitty Hawk and did it.

      It’s a scam, plain and simple.

      1. tryer69

        With all due respect, the Wright Brothers were dealing with physical reality. Bert Goldman is basically dealing with visualization techniques or as he puts it” Metaphysical reality”.

      2. Leo

        Dear Mr Ross,

        If you have not tried the program then you are not in the position to judge

  7. tryer69

    To me it is just another form of visualization, plain and simple. We all have an abundance of resources within ourselves and added to commonsense and dedication to a goal it can be achieved.Like i have already said under a youtube post about quantum jumping” If you are already familiar with visualization techniques then the introductory course will do you just fine without having to pay the subscription fee.As for the testimonials, whether they are true or not, if this really is a scam then they are only robbing from themselves at the end of the day,because it demonstrates to themselves a lack of ability to make money without conning it from others.Although i keep an open mind my philosophy is this ” If you take from others then one day someone will take from you”. KARMA.


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