Retrospective Analysis of my Car Breakdown

When I make it through something dangerous or unexpected, I find that I often look back on it some time later to understand just how risky the situation was. This post involves me trying to work through that and come to some conclusion on how close to disaster I came to. It goes over specific details to get out all the relevant information.

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1 Good & 3 Bad things about the Potato Salad Kickstarter

Zack Danger Brown created a satirical Kickstarter to fund him creating potato salad. Reactions to this started off with amusement and befuddlement but soon changed to frustration and outrage. I also went through different thoughts on the situation that I summarized into a few points: 1 good, and 3 bad.

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If I Were You

Re: If I Were You, “Persistence”

If I Were You is a comedy advice podcast where a comedic duo, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, give sometimes-sincere, sometimes-silly advice to people who write in asking for it. They’re open about the fact that the show aims for humor first, often cherry-picking ridiculously improbable submissions to play off of.

The two sometimes answer serious questions in positive, healthy ways. The are generally accepting, sex-positive, and analytical of the situations they are presented. But at times I have found myself frustrated with responses to questions, especially about relationships, that either miss the obvious answer, lead the person astray, or perpetuate a bad culture.

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