Silicon Valley: authentic in the best and worst ways

I’ve been hearing about the new HBO show Silicon Valley (Episode 1) for a while now. I’m fans of Thomas Middleditch and Kumail Nanjiani, who have talked about it on podcasts. But I also saw the trailer for the show get some attention and mixed reactions from people I follow online. Most notably, some female feminists noticed that the only recognizable woman shown was a stripper…

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Arduino Esplora TFT Screen Horizontal Bars Fix

I’ve been through a bit of an ordeal trying to get the hardware, software, and motivation together to enjoy programming my Arduino Esplora. And I wish to share and help shortcut one major struggle, with explanation. But for those that just want to get rolling…

TL;DR: If your Arduino Esplora TFT Screen has black or white horizontal “bars” (pictured) and doesn’t display examples properly, you may be using Arduino library 1.05. You need to update to a more recent version.

(At the time of writing, 7 April 2014, the most recent version is 1.5.6-r2.)

Arduino Esplora TFT Screen

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#CancelColbert, and “I don’t see race”

If you haven’t heard of “#CancelColbert”, find some recap or analysis of it before reading this. (Try Brute Reason‘s.) I’m too impatient and tired of recounting the events at this point and just have some thoughts to express about it.

I’m pretty frustrated with the entire situation. But I’m just now realizing that my frustration is tiered for different groups, and for different reasons. So the best way to describe it all is to list them, from most infuriating to least objectionable.

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I Dislike This PS4 Commercial

“Sharing Means Caring”

This commercial has been appearing for a few weeks before some of the YouTube videos I’ve been watching. It’s funny, in a way, but after seeing it many times in a row, I started to find a more problematic side to it in the current climate of video games in society.

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Quantum Jumping, or Bullshit Overload

I stumbled upon the website Quantum Jumping from an ad for wooey pseudoscience that just seemed… too out there. But oh how I underestimate scammers! I was struck by the techniques used to trick readers into buying into the product and story, and then felt like tearing down some of the nonsense I was reading. Come join me for a hearty laugh, a face palm, and a clenched fist.

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