Re: Women as Background Decoration: Part 2

Anita Sarkeesian released another installment of her long-running series Tropes Vs Women today. I highly recommend checking it out!

Whether you do watch or not, I want to highlight some of the more egregious examples she shows and expand upon some very salient points. The video stands alone just fine, but I argue these topics enough that I relish the opportunity to agree and respond to some really bad design examples.

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Gaming while Lefty

PBS Game/Show is a great YouTube channel where Jamin Warren discusses topics relevant to video game design, culture, and industry. (With a format and tone similar to PBS Idea Channel) This week they put up a video about the challenges of disabled gamers and how video games can be designed better to include them:

Warren has been great, in part, by taking up the mantle of discussing progressive topics about sexism, racism, and other toxic elements in games and their players. This video is another strong example, though not mandatory to watch for this post. I include it as it was my inspiration to write and a great context to couch this post in.

I’m very much on-board with the many ways game designers can work to include simple options to enable disabled people of many different kinds to play their game! What struck me, though, was his mention of left-handedness issues with Pikmin 3′s touchpad and stylus. This made the entire conversation much more relatable to my experience being a southpaw gamer! I want to share several examples of where lefties struggle, show the importance and challenges of including lefty characters, and share some design choices that can include us (and that strongly align with including disabled gamers).

I should state, however, that being left-handed is not a disability. I simply find the problems and solutions in video gaming to be similar and a useful branching point.

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Re: If I Were You “Ex-Girlfriends”

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about the comedy advice podcast If I Were You, hosted by Jake and Amir.

I was listening to the latest episode, “Ex-Girlfriends“, and noticed two questions in a row where I felt the guys missed the mark. I just wanted to note it down as a small example of where a diversity of experience and perspective can really elevate the discussion and give better advice. Though I don’t wish to tear the guys down, as I consistently laugh at every episode.

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The Golden Nugget of Spam

I’ve been helping Atlanta’s Sunday Assembly with their WordPress site, and I noticed a particular piece of comment spam on there that was just fascinating to see. It confirms everything you’ve thought about the pointless, generic junk that gets caught in filters.

I haven’t even read the whole thing. There’s nothing for you at the bottom. But have a look…

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Re: Previously Recorded – Sonic

Jack Packard and Rich Evans of Red Letter Media have a relatively new series called “Previously Recorded” where they chat about video gaming on their usually-film-focused website. This week Packard shared a controversial opinion that Sonic the Hedgehog is extremely overrated.

I started to strongly disagree with their criticisms, So I Left A Comment that became large enough to be its own blog post…

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