My Coke Rewards – “Powerade Energy Band”

I’m bothered by the fact that My Coke Rewards, which I use regularly, has a product as a reward that is misleading and promotes pseudoscience.


Keep your energy up. Be better on the go. Stay on top of your game.

You always replenish your body after a workout or during intense activities with POWERADE®, and now you can work towards your best throughout the entire day. With the POWERADE Energy Band, you’re putting effort into keeping your day going strong. Add a little extra balance and energy to everything you do by adding a little extra to your wrist. See the benefits for yourself and get your day going strong.

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OSHA, Conflicts of Interest, and Contacting Your Senator

On 5 April, two weeks ago, Rebecca Watson made a video about several politicians fighting transparency in scientific studies.

In a nutshell, OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is looking to determine what level of silica will be safe for a workplace environment, as when it is cut or drilled it can become a respiratory health issue.

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Silicon Valley: authentic in the best and worst ways

I’ve been hearing about the new HBO show Silicon Valley (Episode 1) for a while now. I’m fans of Thomas Middleditch and Kumail Nanjiani, who have talked about it on podcasts. But I also saw the trailer for the show get some attention and mixed reactions from people I follow online. Most notably, some female feminists noticed that the only recognizable woman shown was a stripper…

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